All the Common World merchandise is available to buy over the bar at Common,
39 to 41 Edge Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1HW.


Everything in the Common world is printed on a Risograph printer, with FSC accredited paper supplied by GF Smith. The Risograph is incredibly environmentally friendly using Soy based inks. FSC accreditation ensures the wood is taken from managed forests where the biodiversity, indigenous peoples’ rights, worker’s rights, and areas of significant environmental or cultural importance is protected.


Common World Common Crisis Publication – 15 Common Dollars (£3)

20 Page publication written by Richard Hawkins with artwork from each artist. The publication outlines the project and touches on each crisis. Printed using a Risograph machine by Mono on GF Smith Colorplan paper.


Art Prints (A3 Posters) – 50 Common Dollars (£10)

Eight posters, one for each crisis have been commissioned for the show, each printed in a limited run of 10. These posters are printed using a Risograph machine by Mono on GF Smith 175gsm Pristine White Colorplan paper.


Survival Packs – 75 Common Dollars (£15)

The survival packs are vacuum packed to get through even the worst nuclear winter. They contain a publication, tote bag, some dollars, food and various other items. You may get a diploma, Oil Derrik or a Fracking tower.


Common Dollars – 1 Common Dollar is 20p

Invest in the Common Dollar! Over the six months of the show the currency exchange rate will fluctuate. Could the Dollar be stronger next month? Is it worth speculating? Only the economists can say!












Photography by Sebastian Matthes –

Photography by Sebastian Matthes –

Photography by Sebastian Matthes –