The Common World was printed (every single piece of it) by Mono, an experimental risograph printing service based in Islington Mill, Salford.


The Common World is hosted by the aptly named Common Bar. Providing quality food, tasty beverages and ample supplies of ‘vibes’ since 2004.


The Common World is printed entirely onĀ FSC accredited paper from the GFSmith Colorplan range.

When the Common World launches at the ribbon cutting ceremony on the 8th of August 2013, we will be giving away a limited amount of Common Dollars to newly welcomed citizens, helping to kickstart the economy and draw you into our economic system. This money can be used to buy a limited amount of alcoholic beverages from our drinks sponsors below. This currency can also be used to buy merchandise throughout the rest of the Common World’s governance.


The Common World’s beer monopoly is currently operated by Quantum Brewing Co. A fine establishment, providing excellent beers since 2011.


The Common World’s official supplier of wine for our corporate engagements is Hanging Ditch Wine Merchants, selecting especially tastful wines since 2008.