Prime Minister Daniel Russell

Everything has gone wrong. The world is in crisis. Or maybe that’s too bleak, the world will probably be fine. The things that live on the world are in crisis. Specifically humanity. Not just one crisis, either. Eight of them. Maybe more, but for now let’s just think about those eight. They are overwhelming – you start to think about how you could deal with one, maybe two, but then you get lost in inaction because there are so many to distract you.

Some are more tangible, like food. Crops are failing, prices are rising and there is unequal distribution of food around the globe. Some countries own vast swathes of other, poorer countries and use them to grow food for themselves, so where’s the poor countries’ food coming from? Especially as the population of the world consistently consumes more food than it produces.

We need to move away from fossil fuels that are simultaneously running out, getting more expensive AND fucking everything up, and head towards renewables. If we want energy in the future we must do this – and if we want to exist on the planet in future we must do this. (NB it turns out that fossil fuels may not be running out as badly as thought, which makes things worse!).

The environmental crises is tied into this. I’m pretty sure that the tipping point of no longer being able to avoid catastrophe is sometime around our lifetimes, around issues of climate change especially. But wait! The environmental crisis is much broader than that! Pollution, land degradation, species extinction, epidemics and more!

The social crisis is summed up by the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots. The class system. The 99%. Does overpopulation, human rights and not knowing what to do next come into this too? I think so!

This links to the political crisis. It’s not just that the political elite are disconnected with the people they represent. Having a bunch of self-serving, greedy, over-privelidged wankers that don’t understand anyone different from themselves in power is bad, but the last lot didn’t listen either and the whole political system is a popularity contest geared up for perpetuating the wrong ideas anyway.

The economic crisis is a bedfellow of the political crisis. Neoliberal capitalism has failed but we have no solution, especially as neoliberal capitalists are still in charge. Boom and bust still exists. Why do we need growth? Different versions of this crisis exist worldwide, but here were are stuck in austerity to bail out other twats’ mistakes. Will we have to work until we are dead for hardly enough money to live on and no state safety net

Education is a great crisis as it actually has the power to help solve the other crises, but is failing to deal with them. To some extent it has the answers. However, it is itself totally messed up as it is commodified and more often than not panders to propagating the other crises.

On to the grand finale, the crisis of alternatives. This is best exemplified by the Judean People’s Front disagreeing with the People’s Front of Judea – having the same aims but arguing bout reaching those ends. On the one hand we don’t know which one of these crises to deal with, but when we do deal with them, multiple groups compete about who has the correct solution.

As you can see, some are linked together too – which may help you think about them or may further boggle your mind.

Now you are thoroughly depressed, perhaps a beer from the bar will help?